$1000 to Hire Freelancers + Free Credit

BrandonCMOBrandonCMO subscriber Posts: 1
I came accross this new freelancing platform MyCrowd and entered their giveaway to win $1000 to spend on freelancers plus I got a $15 credit when I joined. As part of their contest you earn extra chances to win if you promote it but regardless this is a good deal
Used them for some custom icons that turned our really great for just $90. I know every start up can use free stuff so I wanted to share
Grand Prize $1000 to Hire Freelancers
2nd Prize $200 for a New Logo Design
3rd Prize Optimizely AB testing Software FREE for 1 year
Here is the link https://contest.io/c/8ussmqyw
or check out their site at www.mycrowd.com
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