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Is it possible to start a fashion business on your own?

MichelleRodriguezMichelleRodriguez subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2015 in Business Planning
So I started my own little online boutique around a year and a half ago (mikaylaboutique.com). I started very small just selling handmade tutus and handmade dresses which didn't show much profit at all. I recently switched techniques to selling already made clothing from sites like Alibaba.com and I am starting to see a profit in my business, but the only problem with selling pre-made items is that I notice ALOT of other shops end up selling the EXACT same items as me. My initial idea for my boutique was to have unique children's items that stand out from other shops.
I am now looking to follow my dreams and design my own line of items through manufactures and sell them on my website. I don't just want to make a profit, I want to be successful. My concern is, I don't have anyone helping me, its just me on my own doing EVERYTHING and doing the research. From what I've seen the majority of successful start-ups had a business partner with them, is it realistic for one person to do it on their own?? How would you even go about looking for business partners? I do have supports like friends and family, but they just don't have the same interest as me. For example my husband is my biggest supporter and believes that my business can grow into something big but he has zero interest in fashion so its hard for him to actually help me.


  • MomentrepreneurMomentrepreneur subscriber Posts: 6 Member
    Hi Michelle,
    I believe any business is possible, the only thing you have to do is believe in yourself and your vision. I started my own business almost a decade ago, with a family to support. I was well educated but couldn't find employment, I was almost forced to start my own business. There were challenges along the way, but I was able to build a successful business all by myself! So it is possible. In fact, I became inspired to teach other women that they can become successful entrepreneurs and created a FREE 6DAY workshop to help others. You can access my workshop for FREE by going to my website and Signing up. www.themomentrepreneurs.com
    I believe we owe to ourselves to live the lives of our dreams. You can do it, build your successful fashion business, and I hope my workshop helps you out.
    Peace, Love and Success is just a sign up away. 
  • goldiehoneybgoldiehoneyb subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Same here Also in fashion !But i believe i can ! To Michelle i would say :You can still combine the items you really like from Alibaba but only the great ones and sell them together with your own items.Just to have a certain cash coming in and in the mean time create your own to .After a while you can't make the m yourself anymore because the more orders the more busy .;you will have to find a seemstess or factory that wants to help you with small order possibillity.
  • CreativeWestCreativeWest subscriber Posts: 0
    It's very hard, we work with a fashion & beauty incubator that helps launch startups. Selling products for niche sales is one thing, actually making an international brand is something else, you just cannot do it all on your own. You need to have resources. That's where the incubator comes in, they have the technology, the marketing, the management, the designers/illustrators, production houses, and so on. You can easily launch a Shopify store and sell $50k per year, but with one person you hit a hard limit of your time and need employees to scale taking 3-5yrs or 7-10yrs before you gain any traction, whereas corporate companies use the best tools available to reduce workload so one person can generate $1m revenue per year instead of $50k.
  • goldiehoneybgoldiehoneyb subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    @CreativeWest You say you work with a fashion & amp beaty incubator that helps launch startups.Where can i find such a company ?

    Thank you
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