Australian Company Looking at Entering the U.S Market

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Hi all,We are a small team of 3 blokes based in Australia who sell a range of mainly mens rings.We have started building a good base of customers and of late we are getting quite a few orders from the U.S. We use Fedex- they arent really cheap but are super quick- 3 days to the U.S - same as the domestic ground shipping transit in the U.S. We have done little marketing and believe the interest is coming mainly from pinterest/ google images, etc. The U.S is the biggest market for our products and we are looking for a way to break in. The idea has been to get a .com site running so we can promote with adwords and slowly build organic ranking- moreover to hold stock locally in the U.S to cut transit time and costs. Moreover we can get rid of import duties and taxes for the end customer- we will be liable for local corporate taxes for which we have established an LLC in the U.S Looked at options like Shipwire for storage and fulfillment - ridiculous pricing as it works on per SKU- we need a tailored option as we have about 16 Skus per ring being all different sizes- so costs up to $3000 USD per month in storage- they cant change this- a few others who are reasonable- have higher shipping costs as they cant get the volume of the big guys. It works out cheaper in some cases to ship from here than across U.S by Air. Is there any feasible options that you folks can suggest that would help us propel this forward. 


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    The world despite being big, people are more close to each other than ever. Have you considered selling directly from AUS to US? Are your customers complaining about the shipping costs and time?
    If I were you, I would keep it that way. Maybe you can create other sites for other countries, and sell all of them directly to the customer.
    This kind of commerce is increasing a lot. I know that because I drive traffic for companies looking to sell to Brazil directly.
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    This might be a no brainier, but what about finding a US supplier/manufacturer for the product?
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    I would have to agree about you working out business from Australia before thinking about moving your business. You don't want to have to worry about logistics and storage issues if it's not worth it just now.
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    Yes,It has been observed,Australian businesses are constantly being told about the growth opportunities in Asia, the booming e-commerce markets in China and India, and how Aussie retailers should take advantage of our geographic location.
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