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Phone Sales

BuildingitBuildingit subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2007 in Sales
Hello Everyone,
I want to hire an internal phone sales person to increase our commercial sales.  I have the following areas that we need to address to move forward.  Thank you for any suggestions about the following. I appreciate it.  Steve

Customer lead lists:  What are the best sources for such lists?
CRM Software:  What is best CRM software for a new user? 
I have heard that you can integrate CRM software with a phone system.  How do we find a person who can help us set up and maintain such a system?
Phone Sales:  What type of person should we hire for this job?  Is a young person with the right skills a good choice?  Can we get training for phone sales?  Is there a particular training program you would recommend? 


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    RumpelstiltskinRumpelstiltskin subscriber Posts: 1
    An "old lady" that smokes three-cartons of cigarettes a week would work. I`m sure she could teach you how to read a sliderule too! Heck! Retired folks still know how to speak to people very well. And I`m sure they would appreciate the work, and companionship, as well.
    Older folks take their jobs seriously (like a heart attack) As far as customer leads? That`s just another form of GOSSIP!  Let her loose man...let her loose...  You never know?  She might even bake cookies for the office.
    PS:  Make sure she has a regular phone book too (security blanket thing).Rumpelstiltskin2007-3-24 22:25:24
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    BuildingitBuildingit subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for your reply.  We have thought about hiring retired folks for other jobs and this might be the one.  I appreciate the input.  Good luck with your business.
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    MerchantServicesMerchantServices subscriber Posts: 4
    1. Info USA.
    2. Goldmine or ACT
    3.Telemarketers have a high turnover just like waiters at restaurants. You`re going to have to hire a new one every week until you find the cream of the crop.
    If, you would like to outsource your telemarketing call Txacom Services 254.213.5931 and speak with Omar Khan.
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    BuildingitBuildingit subscriber Posts: 1
    That is good information.  Thank you. 
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    rbrucerbruce subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi, Goldmine or ACT is a good CRM, I have connected ACT to phone lines numerous times and its not difficult. Shouldnt be hard to find someone to do that if you cant figure it out.
    I have had the most success hiring retired workers for these position. Just make sure they are relatively stable and not just arriving from a re-hab shelter or similiar. Have had that happen and it NEVER worked out. Younger workers can be good as some of them are trying to build a solid work history and have good references for future work However you can also get a lot of I cant come in today cause my BF/GF broke up with me and/or I partied WAY to hard last night dude and I`m all messed up.
    Trainers??? There are a million of them out there so choose carefully... hope all this helps
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