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New idea! Brand new concept of Internet advertising

vvgoranoffvvgoranoff subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2014 in Startup Funding
Dear, friends, I am here to present on your attention my project- CAMVERTISE!
This is a brand new concept of Internet advertising that leads me to introduce a new kind of advertising which avoids the stereotypes and rises it to another level. You will be the first to learn about it and you will have the right to support or condemn it!
When most people hear the word "advertisement" the association that pops up into their mind is a professionally made video in which specialists in various areas of expertise explain the benefits of a certain product or a service; celebrities who memorize a script and act it as if in a
professionally produced film; special effects for which a great amount of money had been spent and require big studios and a large off-camera crew.
The idea I am presenting now gives a different perspective to advertising and looks it from another point of view. We deviate from the well known and familiar and give ourselves into to the new and interesting. The aim we seek is to make you enjoy what you see!
What is camvertise?
When I got the idea for this method of advertising, I thought of many different options for naming it – I intended for the name to be new and unknown to the general public, but in the same time – when a person hear it, to get the idea instantly. That’s why I picked the two words that form the basis of the method – camera and advertise (camvertise).
Camvertising is a new tool in the online advertising, using nonprofessional videos to advertise products and services.
Why do you think this method will bring success to the advertisers?
The consumers’ emotions are inextricably linked to marketing success . That brought us to introduce the concept of camvertising. In other words – the success of an advertisement or an entire marketing campaign depends heavily on to what extend does it provoke the consumers; on the generated emotion and created impressions; and on wheather or not it makes them share information about the product or service between each other.
The concept for camvertising allows the consumer to express their emotions, linked to a certain product and to share them with people from the entire world. That way, the companies themselves can gain accurate information about what feelings their product or service evoke in people.
The latest marketing researches show, that the good marketing campaign should spend more time on questions and opinions of the consumers, than on the presentation itself.
In other words, the camvertising shortens the distance between companies and consumers and makes feedback possible – the companies can evaluate their products from their customers’ point of view.
The method depends on one of the most powerful forms of online advertisement – in social media and through video sharing.
Why is it like this – when interesting non-professional videos are being shared on the Internet, they have millions of “watch, share and comment”? It is because they are spontaneous, they are unscripted, they do not tout products or services, but on the contrary – they make people decide by themselves if they want to watch it or not, provoke them to think, to comment and give them the chance to have fun.
So why don’t the companies give opportunity to those, who can provoke interest in others with their unique abilities, and allow them to advertise their products in a way that has never been done until now?
if like the idea please support it : http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/camvertise
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