How do we brand market our new startup.

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Launched a few days ago a startup:
What's it about? It's a free service to consumers: a membership. Business works in three steps:
1) We build a membership base
2) We then approach the big utility companies and negotiate market exclusive rates with them by leveraging the sheer number of members.
3) Once we lock down an offer, we notify our members via email, then they decide if it's right for them. 
How do we make money? We'll negotiate a finders fee if any of our members signup for any of the offers.
Question: How do we get the word out about this service? Some people have looked at it and have said they want more of an incentive. Others are waiting to see the offers without signing up themselves. We've launched a facebook campaign Have tried advertising.
I plan to build up our membership a little more before we do press releases etc. What else can we do on a tight budget? 
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