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    I think nowadays you can start a business without any loan, not even investment at all. Well, in fact the only investment you need to do is "time", which in fact is somehow money... but at least you avoid the loan part. Any website with enough traffic and users can generate revenue, as the one I recently created offering contact information to customers while offering SEO services and digital visibility to companies.
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    Hi everyone,
    About the subject of starting a new business, to my knowledge, you have to consider different facts and respect some requirement.

    First at all, even if your idea is extraordinary, you should know if your ideal is viable. You can observe that by experimanting researches and survey on a groupe of representative people.

    Seconde at all, you have to find a strong name which will represent your business in front of all customers. A strong name force the respect !

    Third at all, Many business failed because they haven't enough money, that's why you are bound to invest enough money for the launching and the running capital. You can lend a loan, expose your idea to business angel, or raise money by crownfunding.

    And i think the most important thing when you set up a business is the timing. You have to decide with your partners a schedule of all step and how long it will take for each.

    In this context of after crisis, the market is still weak, and a lot of business fail, that's why it's very important to be strict and carrefully on different step.

    Good luck for it
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    You should build a financial model and projections to get funding from an investor. Here is an easy course to learn how:
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    Taking a loan is definitely easy but to maintain monthly payments without fail could be tough for some debtors. That is why prior detailed financial planning and calculation are important to ensure you only take up a loan amount that you are comfortable with to service until the end of the tenure period.
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    If you are starting a business you should consider hiring a business coach. A business coach will help you to make plans for investment, management, and others. A good business coach can boost your business 5x times. In 2019, when I started my business I was about to make some silly mistakes. But my business coach from Lisnic stopped me from doing those mistakes.

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    you can do many online business with very small budget. You can check e-residency to start business as legit. good luck

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    Starting an online business would be the best option if we don't have a big amount in our pocket,🤑

    Where In online business we can ask our family & friends to invest, Also growth rate of online business is much more than an offline business.

    Further, if the business is going great create a business plan, where we have to include all financials, growth potentials, debt, asset, type of revenue, and many other aspects.

    After doing all this, I think Investors will for sure invest in your business

    Different types of funding options are through -

    • Crowdfunding
    • Angel investors
    • Venture capitalist
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    I prefer to those who are new in business and to wants to grow their business simply contact with professional businessman and get tips from them about running a business or hire a consultant for your business because consultant does their best to make their clients business successful with their strategies and experience. I also experience this I start my business which is relevant to technology but I don't know how to deal with technology so for this, I hire a technology consultant and the consultant carry my business well and now I'm running my business successfully.

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