Should I file for a provisional patent?

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I problem led to me come up with a new way for people to receive online coupons and gift cards. Can and should I file for a provisional patent for this? Approximately how much should this cost me if I use someone to draft this for me?
The idea is very simple but just a different way for people to get coupons and gift cards. Trying to get feedback, finding a co-founder and possible investors is quite a challenege when you can't really disclose much information and receive some feedback.
Thanks for the help and feedback. 


  • AriannaPhillipsAriannaPhillips Posts: 1subscriber Member
    You can file a provisional patent for ideas that are on the stage of development, provided that you can describe you idea, the details on how it can be develop, how to use it or other technical details.

    The cost of provisional patent application is much lower than non-provisional patent filing. You can go to USPTO to research on the cost of provisional patent application.
  • saravanansaravanan Posts: 389subscriber Silver Level Member
    A provisional patent is a patent that is not examined or published that establishes your priority to an invention before filing a non-provisional patent that is examined. 
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