Funding Up To $150K - No Upfront Fees

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Need funding for your next venture? Expansion? Advertising? We have funding solutions to save the day!
Funding amounts up to $150,000 in weeks for qualified!  
Basic credit requirements (desired for best results, not mandatory):
720+ FICO scores with all three credit bureaus
3+open revolving credit accounts in good standing
Fewer than 3 inquiries reported within the last 90 days
Fewer than 40% debt-to-credit ratio
Corporation/LLC at least 2 years in age
Less than perfect credit? Yes, you can use a credit partner for funding approvals! 
No collateral needed for approvals! Start-ups and aged corporations are welcome!
Higher funding amounts (up to $250,000) available for companies able to show income!
We charge ZERO upfront fees! If we can't perform, you don't owe us a dime!
Pre-Qualify today and we can give you a funding estimate in as little as 1 business day!
Online pre-qualification form: ... qual-form/
M.J. Glover
Capital Legions Investment Group
E-Mail: [email protected]


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