Taxation on profit for USA companies?

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I'm wondering what the tax % on profits are on companies in the USA?
I found this: ... table.aspx
As I understand the tax on profits for companies in America is 40%, is that correct? That sounds insanely high and it is one of the highest taxes in the world in that category. My picture of USA was that it had low taxes and that it was in many ways the greatest place to start a business. But having some of the highest taxes in the world doesnt fit that picture. I understand that many American companies pay tax in other low tax countries but of course not all of them, can it really be that so many great american companies actually pay 40% tax on their profits? 
I ran a successful company in Sweden before and sold it one year ago. For my next company I have been thinking about starting it in USA, but learning about the insanely high tax discourage me a little bit. 
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