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Looking For Someone to get Wealthy With!!

My name is Richard, I happened to have be blessed with having been given this incrdible new and exciting way of peeling potato's, yes potato's. What I have developed and created is simply genius, as the patent agent told me, "Sir, I do not know how/where you came up with this idea, but you, in my 48 years as a patent agent, has never seen anything so unique and so needed, in my opinion you have a 100% winner." I am looking for a partner, one who is or will be as excited as I and so many who have actually seen this work. There are no moving parts, you never-ever handle the produce while peeling, our unique Stabilizing platform has a Pat. Pend. we use vacuum cups to secure the platform, in conjunction with a leverage tool. N more dealing or having to handle slippery wet produce and the end of the infamous juggling act endingup in dropping the produce. There is nothing out there like this. Please go check this out; "Why do we use flat surfaces for peeling round things? We should be using round surfaces for round things." This speaks to both the functionality and the physics of Easy Peel System!!   In Order To Build Or To Do A Task, You Need to Use The Proper Tools.  Please Check out the Current Conventional Way Of Peeling; http://youtu.be/drVqGhjI558 http://besteasypeelsystem.weebly.com/  I am looking for funding and someone who will be a part of this incredible new age of peeling, to be a Pioneer!!, In the photo attached, please noticed how far away, the right hand/left hand is from the cutting blades, you'll never cut yourself, nor drop it, since it is in the stabilizing cup and the leverage tool, you have total control. Potato business is huge, 98% of all the products sold are junk, and none of them address the real issues, you still have to handle what you are peeling. This is hand made, with the highest quality materials. I currently have 4 of the Big Retailors that are very impressed and want a demonstration. I currenly am in the packaging stage. So here is your opportunity to be part of something that will turn the current peeling method, obsolete. please let me know. I will answer all Q & A'S. easypeel 


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