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What makes Solaborate productive?

FatjonaBerishaFatjonaBerisha subscriber Posts: 15
How many of you would love to discuss issues, collaborate or share ideas, finish more tasks, projects, and blog posts? Let’s see those hands go up. Take a step back; you’re smart people, ready to take on the system and produce your best work.
This is where Solaborate comes in…
There are few months that I became part of Solaborate working on Marketing and Communication, and since the first day I came here I realized that there are really great things to work on, exciting opportunities and really smart people to work with.
I feel so motivated to work with a group of immensely talented and simultaneously immensely driven and ambitious people. What I found during my time here was that you can find a group of hyper-extreme personalities who will collaborate towards a common vision and goal that they place above their own individual agendas, who take immense pride in the finished product of their work. 
 Now many Tech professionals and companies are using our platform to communicate, collaborate, exchange, post and share. There are also tools to create events, blogs, groups, rate and review system, sharing jobs and opportunities.And now Solaborate enables users with the new features to enhance real time communication such us video calls, share files and pictures within the call, as well as share their screens in real time making them more productive.

Out of all Solaborate is becoming a perfect place to build your carrier by offering many job and internship opportunities.

 Now I’m highly passionate about Solaborate and all the team is working hard to build great stuff for the technology sector. At Solaborate we set and strive towards the highest quality in our products. The test team is working with our development engineers, as gatekeepers to guarantee quality releases.
 You might join Solaborate for any reason but you will definitely end up loving it because of the very friendly interface and being the best place where you can collaborate in real time both internally and externally using the right tools and services.
 So what are you waiting for? Join us today and be where tech really matters!
Fatjona Berisha
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