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Get your customer to tell their friend about you

shmuelurshmuelur subscriber Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Marketing
We're a new startup called Rebarto (http://www). We increase sales for small businesses. The way we do this is by giving incentives to customers to advertise a business via their own social circles. Basically, every customer can act as an evangelist for the business for a small reward. The short video at our website has some more explanations, or you can read on:-)Rebarto small businesses grow sales by harnessing new and existing customers' social channels. Like a regular promotion, customers are given an incentive to dine at the restaurant. Unlike a regular promotion, the customer has to advertise the business in order to receive the benefit. For example a restaurant may offer free dessert for every diner. Rebarto turns this promotion into a social advertising campaign by requiring the diner to post about the restaurant on his or her Facebook page and get 5 likes on the post. If this condition is met the diner gets the dessert. The diner benefits by getting the dessert, the restaurant benefits by effectively getting a recommendation from the diner. Not only will the diner's Facebook friends learn about the restaurant but also any of the friends of the friends who liked the post. As an added benefit anyone who saw the Facebook post can click on it, create a post on their own Facebook page and claim a dessert, but only if they get 5 likes too. Thus for very little effort a viral marketing campaign is created.Rebarto provides the tools to generate and track the campaign easily. Although the process for setting up the campaign is straightforward and takes only a few minutes Rebarto's team offer close support at every stage.


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