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Still Searching...

itguy2343itguy2343 subscriber Posts: 1
edited December 2013 in Selecting a Business
I have always wanted to own and run my own business however I cannot put my finger on what business I should start.  I have been looking for the answer to that question and all I have been hearing from others that it is not right time for me to start anything.  I was wondering if anyone out there has real advice on how they found or decided on what business to start? 


  • Visionary01Visionary01 subscriber Posts: 4
    Yes, I have some great advice on this.  
    First, you have to find out what your true passion in life is.  I'm not trying to sound cliche', but we were all made for something.  You have gifts that I don't have, and vice versa.  There are ways you can figure this out.  
    Second, take that passion, and figure out how it can fill a need.  It doesn't matter what the passion is, you can translate it into something.  
    Third, have these three things working together once you've established your goal and what it is you want to do: A Crystal Clear Vision, Intense Passion, and take Massive Action.
    My mentor teaches this at length and is currently mentoring folks for a full year to help them fulfill their passions in life. Check him out at www.thetayloracademy.com
  • itguy2343itguy2343 subscriber Posts: 1
    Visionary01 thank you for the advice! What would you recommend doing to find what "gifts" I have or areas that I excel in? I looked at the site and I am curious, does your mentor help his students find that passion or where they succeed?
  • Visionary01Visionary01 subscriber Posts: 4
    Yes, absolutely!!  In fact, the first 3 lessons are devoted to the "Inner Game."  This is basically the mindset you need in order to be successful, and in those sessions you go over finding your passion (definite purpose in life), and then taking that passion to build something great behind it.  You'll also learn how to have goals that cover key areas of your life, to include your finances, career, spiritual life, relationships, family, and physical body.  Think of all those areas as spokes on a wheel.  If you are great at physical body but poor in everything else you're going to be on a bumpy ride.  Most of us vary greatly when evaluated.  I've been mentored since Feb of this year and have learned SOOO much!
    The point of the mentorship program is to leave with a business that is set up for success and moving toward your goals (you'll learn how to create goals and make them happen). Mentoring future business owners, or current, for success is the whole purpose of the mentoring program.  An astonishing 97% of businesses fail within 5 years.  It's not so much an odds game as it is doing things right, and what better than having a mentor for a full year taking you through each step of the way.  Much more can be said of its benefits...  
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