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Cloud based solutions for businesses!

smurfchosmurfcho subscriber Posts: 2
edited November 2013 in Business Planning
I am becoming bigger and bigger fan of cloud based solutions. I used to have contracts with traditiona;l telecoms and other service providers for my business and I was tired of contracts, monthly plans and companies trying to get my money, without providing quality services. Some friends reccomended several solutions to me and I decided to switch from the tradittional service providers to cloud based. I also think that for start up business the cloud solutions are great option.I now use Cloud Based Surveillance for my Cafe from fennocloudcam(dot)com . There are also other Cloud based surveillance providers - ivideon, sensr. I am very satisfied with their services. They offer great solutions with free features with no contracts, you pay as you go. Also the recordings I have are securely saved in theri data base center. Off course you need internet, but which business do not have internet.I just plugged the IP cameras and chose a plan from them. The support pretty much all the known IP cameras..Very easy to set up everythigAlso I use Cloud based telecommunications from chainsolutions(dot)net . I used AOL, but They were quite expensive. Traditional Telecoms rip off your skin with contracts and plans. The guys from chainsolutions are great and provide high quality business telecommunications with all the features, like voicemail, voicemail to email, recordings, call transfer and etc for FREE. Also i found from them great solutions as click-to-call, automated surveys, sms messaging..All for Free. I saved about $3000 per year with them. I have no contract, no installation fee. Also I pay only for the minutes I use and the service is high quality with so many business features. For a start up business with 5-10 employees I recommend 5-10 IP phones and of course reliable internet connection. That's it.  I like their admin panel, very friendly and can turn on all the features easily..All I needed is an IP phone. I recommend Yeahlink. I just pay for the minutes I use, which is 0,01 euro/ minute to UK and All western Europe ..What other solutions do you think are out there - cloud based...
I have CRM system and I integrated it with Chainsolutions API and now I can manegge easily all my contacts and see statistiscs for my business calls...
I also use Google calendar, which is free and easy to set up all my meetings. I also use asana.com, which is great for setting up and managing projects. Very good ..I love it..I believe in Cloud based solutions...What else is out there as Cloud based solutions for businesses! Please advice!!


  • twhansburytwhansbury subscriber Posts: 2
    Cloud Storage and file search you should check out Docurated cloud storage and the overlay for dropbox, and box  
  • mayureshpepmayureshpep subscriber Posts: 0
    Cloud computing has proven a boon to businesses—especially small businesses, for which it hits a particularly sweet spot. I personally felt that With cloud services, small businesses reap the benefits of not having to deploy physical infrastructure like file and e-mail servers, storage systems or shrink-wrapped software. 
    But I also happened to visit a site(http://www.sourcepep.com/80-20-blog/) through one of my referral and it prooved to be a golden box for me where I was able to get through all of the best business visuals at one place and that too all recent not older than a month or so. Now I don't have to surf alot as I receive all the updates in my mail box every morning through the FREE subscription of that 80-20 blog. Hope it would benifit to you too. 

    If anyone has more of content reach sites like the one that I mentioned then please let me know.

    Thank you!
  • smurfchosmurfcho subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks guys..
    Do you think businesses can benefit from such Telecom and Surveillance providers??
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