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Business Idea

BrentinArizonaBrentinArizona subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2007 in Selecting a Business
Here`s my idea, I`m considering a business that would save money for customers and provide businesses with an added avenue for marketing, sales and exposure.
The basic model goes like this, I will contract with different service providers (i.e. office supply companies, insurance companies, IT/web services, etc.) who sell their product or service to businesses.  The agreement would be to provide their services to my clients (businesses who purchase those services) at a reduced rate.  I would get paid based on an annual, nominal fee from my clients as well as a percentage from the providers based on the business that my clients do with the service providers.
My idea is that small businesses (mom and pop shops, small law firms, realtors, etc.) who do not have the size and buying power to negotiate a discount on their own can join collectively to negotiate discounts on certain goods and services.
There is a bit of a chicken & egg issue that I`d have to overcome (clients won`t join unless they know what benefit they get, providers won`t contract with me until I can show them a solid client base), but I believe I can overcome that through existing relationships I have.
The idea itself is not new, but there isn`t anything like there where I live (a small AZ town) and I`m looking for thoughts/feedback/guidance on the idea.  Anything is greatly appreciated.


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