Don't want to miss the boat AGAIN

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Hi all, I have had some ideas in the past for a new product but I let them go by. I saw a few later on Qvc. Now I have two more great ideas. NOT for products but for much needed services in the marketplace. I have had these ideas for a few years and now again, I am seeing other people starting these up. I don't want to lose out yet again. I have talked to a few people about what I want to do and they want to be involved. I know these businesses can be successful as there is a very big market for both of them and they complement each other well. My problem is I cannot do everything myself. I have had an opportunity from a VC (through a friend) but I declined so far, as I don't really know this person myself. Since there is no patent on a service I don't feel safe about giving out my 'business secrets' just yet. How do you find partners that you can trust? Or is that just an illusion?  I know about NDA's but I don't see how that can prevent someone from telling a friend who tells a friend, see where I am going with this. If anyone has any thoughts or comments, I would appreciate hearing them!  Thanks. JoCarole NJ
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