my site recently launched, how to market?

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hi all: is my site. Our team `sgoal is a contests community.
please advice how to market this? actually, we need  one marketing director to join us.
and btw, we hold a $50 contest ,if you have any feedback.
frankprocess10/23/2008 1:43 AM


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    hi CraigL:
    the key different to elance is:#1: buyer got results directly, only bidding by "results" , no neigotiation,contracts... just get tihngs done.#2:buyer got mutiple entries instead of one.#3: All money are pre-paid to laptask, and will transfer to contestant to ganrantee payment.the term should be "online outsourcing(elance)" vs "crowdsouring".and laptask`s difference is crowdsourcing area is a lot, for example, we support all kinds of crowdsourcing, like logo,personal biz card,,programming,writting,transalation,insider referral,etc; plus, lowest entry fee ever, maybe only 90%  less compared with similar websites.(hard to calucate exactly)wait a minute, why don`t you post your feedback to laptask? your comment is one of the best!!and you will have the chance to win $50!and about the name, yes,:) it comes from laptop. and we wana give a easy way(impression) to users  for getting tasks&contest  done.thanks!!!
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    great thanks CraigL! you even compose a paragraph for us!
    and we also did a page
    we made an explain  (if you click the top pic examplain to learn more)
    I think the contest here in LT is just a task compete and choose a winner.Good to know there are game regulation,will look into more.
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    I agree with you! 
    and btw, I stronly recommend you enter our feedback contest!Your feedback is awesome!!!
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