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New Era Global Stores.........Can it be Possible?

AmeetshiAmeetshi subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2013 in Selecting a Business
The New Era..Knocking to the door of Export…..

Will It be A change In Procedures & Process ? A change in Communication Methodology? A Change in Customer Demand? or A Change in Technology…..???
A world has become a global Village , Due to technological updation, anyone can check , analyse & reach to the demand….But Really it has become So easy ?...
Generating Lead and finding prospectus customer not so easy though the technological changes had made…

Earlier focus was on PAC ( Price , Availability & Cost) but it has shifted towards
QSC ( Quality  Service  Cost)  Innovative & quality Product , Prompt Service & Low Cost Delivery…………….

New Era  emphasis on virtual association (Come together, Work Together & Grow Together..  )

Lets come Together , Explore the World & establish a Global Store and be profitable
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