Best way to find commercial clients looking for loans

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So I am very close to beggining a new venture in my life. I am starting a commercial loan brokerage together with consultation services. What this means is that I made a couple of connections with lenders who give out loans to businesses owners. I have a couple lenders in different markets, from equipment leasing, medical equipment and practice purchase to even real estate purchase financing. I also want to offer consultation services to business owners as a way to stand out from the crowd and to give the customers more value if they come on board with me. The beautiful thing is that it would be 100% free to the client, because me fee is paid by lenders at closing, so I see it as a no-loss proposition to the client. Now my question is, what ways do you recomend for me to find customers? Besides SEO and PPC, I want to find the first places that a business owner goes to when he needs a loan(well, after he goes to the bank ofcourse). Do you think cold calling might work? Also if you are a business owner yourself, what are the main things that you want to see in a broker who is helping you find financing? Any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you. 
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