I really think I got a winner of an idea



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    There is a really good series of articles by Myra Per Lee, who is a successful consumer products inventor in her inventor`s advice blog. She goes from getting an invention idea to commericalizing it...so that may be a good place to start. If you are looking for pieces of advice on various aspecs of the invetion process, you can look at the directory list of links of Inventor Information.Also, Roger Brown is a professional inventor who provides great inventor advice. He usually does it for free or a small percentage of the royalties of a successful invention.  He can be reached at RogerBrown.net
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    BluToad,       Congrats on finding something that makes you feel this excited.  I agree with people that the best way to learn is by doing, and just getting started on some part of the process is essential.  But, when you`re at the beginning, there is so much to learn and do that it can be overwhelming.  Try to find trusted experts for various points in the process that you can gain solid insights from.  I think the key is to draw on people`s experience who have `been there done that`, so that hopefully you can can expedite your learning curve and business development.  Sounds like you`re doing that--so keep on.  Look forward to hearing about your progress and questions.Ashton
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