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I really think I got a winner of an idea

BluToadBluToad subscriber Posts: 3
edited March 2007 in Developing Your Invention
I have had this idea in my head for sometime now ( 1 year ) and only recently has it hit me like a 2 by 4, repeatily bam bam BAM!!!
In so I have to get it all out, I have several drawings, thoughts, I have even some improvised prototypes. This idea will not leave my head, it`s there first thing in the morning before I can even think of anything else, it`s there all day, and if I lie down in bed, ready for sleep THERE IT IS!!! These last couple of weeks have been head ache filled. It`s like my brain forces me to think about this. So much, now I ahve to develope it, soon.
I do believe this WILL work, and before you know it, it will be in malls, schools, maybe Pentagon ( if I could sell the Pentagon, I can sell it to anyone ), department stores. I think once people see it in a public building, and how it works every big business will want this ( especially high end corps. ).
Now that I have it figured out, I have literally dreamed about this working in malls, I have to patent it fast and I have to sell it fast. Just so I can sleep peacefully again, lol.
I just need to talk to smarter people... someone who knows the whole "invention process" and can MAKE IT HAPPEN.
I want to leave with this... I ahve the determination, the vision, I just need an Angel


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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Well, what on earth is it? Or what does it have to do with.
    Glad you are excited but we don`t know what you are talking about.
    Curious Me.
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    GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    BluToad, I COMPLETELY understand!  I`m well into the process and I can`t say that the sleep comes any better then it did when my 2x4 hit me.  Sorry!  I`m very excited for you because this journey is a fantastic one.  Steve, I commend you for being able to take your time.  In my original business plan (my light bulb moment was April 2006) my goals were by Fathers Day 2007 to have protoypes and to complete my primary market research, by Fathers Day 2008 to launch.  I just haven`t been able to slow down and am now about a year ahead of schedule (set to launch this July). BluToad,  ElidS pretty much summed it up very nicely for you.  Go for it!
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    BluToadBluToad subscriber Posts: 3
    Stones ledge
    Your right!!! LOL, I am umm... not wanting to spoil the surprise...
    It`s an odd duck... this "potential profiteer"BluToad2007-3-13 15:56:12
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    BluToadBluToad subscriber Posts: 3
    Camp Steve,
    Thank you sir!
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    BluToadBluToad subscriber Posts: 3
    See this is the kind of people I need to talk to very seriously.
    I love answers like yours, it sums up the begining. LIke all thast you typed, then at the end you say Get Started.... lololololol...
    I was not sure on how to do the whole getting the idea from imagination to actual. This definitely more involved then I would of thought, which in turn gives me yet another great idea. Simplify this process... so many people with the "next great thing sense sliced bread" ... i.e so many customers... anyhow..
    I just wanted to thank you, and say again your the type of person I am glad thats on this site.
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    BluToadBluToad subscriber Posts: 3
    Grill Charmer,
    Your a sweetie, and a cute one at that.
    Let`s keep each other informed of one anothers progress, deal?
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    ImagingBuffetImagingBuffet subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi BluToad:I`d start with the information that the Sloan Brothers put together here:Finding
    a good attorney who will work on consignment is one suggestion, and you can
    always ask for recommendations on the fine Startup Nation Message
    Boards. You may want to ask for someone who is both an attorney and an
    agent. That way, they might be able to handle many of the contractual
    items for you.The following is not legal advice. I`m not a
    lawyer and cannot give legal advice, but here are some things that I
    would do based on reading and some experience in making presentations
    to companies:Regardless of how you proceed, I would start an
    "inventor`s notebook" (I use sewn Composition books) with your sketches
    and any pertinant descriptions, as well as the date that you drew the
    sketch(es). I would also ask two people who you know well but who don`t
    have any economic stake in the inventions to write on each invention
    that "I understand the general concepts in these drawings" along with a
    date and signature. I might also ask them to sign an NDA so that you
    can disclose that everyone who knows about your invention is under NDA.Here
    are two great books on the subject:  License Your Invention by Richard
    Stim, and The Inventor`s Bible by Ronald Louis Docie.Hope that helps and good luck with it!Andrew
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    BluToadBluToad subscriber Posts: 3
    Wow, this is so much info... Like I said overwhelming... lol, but it should be worth the time...lolol
    Thanks Andrew A.K.A The Imaging Buffet!!!
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    collidercollider subscriber Posts: 1
    I think that all of these are very good suggestions, however, the one most important thing to do is just start moving.  Yes, even if you don`t know what steps to take exactly, just start doing something, and then things will sort themselves out after.  If you ready-aim-fire, then too often you never get out of the aim mode, however, if you ready-fire-aim, then at least you fired to begin with.
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    BluToadBluToad subscriber Posts: 3
     hahaha You`ve brighten my day, what an awesomly great saying!!!
    "Yes, even if you don`t know what steps to take exactly, just start doing something, and then things will sort themselves out after.  If you ready-aim-fire, then too often you never get out of the aim mode, however, if you ready-fire-aim, then at least you fired to begin with." ... collidor
    So much truth
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    BluToadBluToad subscriber Posts: 3
    I wanted to state my idea here, but I don`t know if I should. I mean I know this site means well and all.... but...
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    GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    As curious and I am and I would LOVE to know what you`ve invented, please keep in mind that once you publically disclose your invention, you have one year to file for your patent. If you do not file a U.S. patent application within one year of disclosing your invention publicly, all possibilities of obtaining a patent are shot to you-know-what.  Now I am no lawyer and maybe you could argue as to the "public" of this forum when you discuss "public" disclosure but as a fellow inventor, I just don`t think it`s worth the risk.  (and believe me, I KNOW first hand how badly you want to go tell it on the mountain because you think your invention is going to change the world, or at least your niche market of it)  If you do talk about it here, then it might light the fire under your behind to get moving knowing that the clock is ticking.  Your call, just wanted you to have some facts.  Keep us posted as you can!!!  I`m rootin for ya!
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    KelvinsKelvins subscriber Posts: 0
    Blu Toad,  I TOTALLY understand your feelings.  I am in the exact same boat as you.  I may be farther ahead with prototypes and potential marketing scenarios, but when I ponder my product I can`t even SIT DOWN!!!  GrillCharmer,  I thought about throwing myself out there just to get myself more motivated and focused.  It just seems so much like putting a match to a very short fuse of dynamite.  Perhaps it is just my firstimeritis working me over.  I also suffer from infringanoia and have a bad case of hypofundism.   It has been very nice to find this community, thanks Start-Up-Nation.  I look forward to what you all might have to say to Blu Toad tomorrow.
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    BluToadBluToad subscriber Posts: 3
    Mr. Craig L,
    Your right, too!!!
    I never thought of that and now I am gonna google it, lol. I am in Houston at the moment. I have thought of a business way to do the whole invention process, that would make it extremely easy for the inventor. Comission is involved, and that adds a very lucrative spin on it. I think this one I may share to SuN. On another day...
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    flipitflipit subscriber Posts: 0
    Blu Toad, If you are in Houston there are inventors associations you can get with. I have also used SATOP which is the space alliance technology outreach program. You can get 40hrs of free engenering from the best of the best.
    There address is 2525 Bay Area Boulevard   Suite 640
    Bay Area Houston, Texas 77058
    Phone 281-486-5535     Fax 281-486-5068
    Keep your idea under raps till you are totaly protected.
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