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Please Critique my website

ZaiZai subscriber Posts: 2
edited May 2007 in Website Critique

Please Critique my website.
I need to know what everyone thinks about my website, ways I can improve and change it or if you think it`s fine just the way it is.
All responses and comments are welcome.


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    MelVielMelViel subscriber Posts: 0
    Its simplicity greatly broadens your market since it seems it`ll work on any computer and browser.
    It needs graphic work, even keeping it simple it should have something to make it pop.
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    charlescharles subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi Zai,I am not much of a critic, but I will have to agree with Ms. Jackson. The right side is too distracting, and eventually you will lose customers to yahoo, myspace and the others.
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    nathan480nathan480 subscriber Posts: 1
    CraigL made some great comments about your website that will really help you. I did notice a few things that you might need to look into.
    You have some dead links, including one on the main page (The second picture on the right) linking to http://www.abasketfulmore.com/coffeetea.html</A> is broken.
    In terms of design, your layout changes (The menu goes from blue to black and changes position slightly) when you click a menu option making it inconsistent from page to page.
    The titles on your website also change from page to page without giving the user any idea of what site they are on. Many webmasters would do something like "Website Name - Page Name" so that users can easily find it if they minimize it.
    You might also want to look into having a professionally designed logo. While items like the PayPal seal help validate the website in the mind of the user, having a well designed intro page will build user confidence in the website.
    On the pro side:
    Your website was really easy to navigate and items were clearly separated by common categories.
    The keep it simple approach works very well with this type of website.
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    ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    Definitely concur with the right side items, very distracting (first thing that caught my eye).Also concur with the graphics update - particularly the logo, recommend some professional attention to that.The left side navigation could use some definition around it - since it`s the primary navigation, it would help to set it off from the rest of the site - everything just seems to be floating. That applies to the whole design, there`s a lack of definition around all of the content - white space is great, but visual cues would help to organize the content for visitors.And I wouldn`t have options in your navigation that don`t link to anything - if
    the products aren`t live yet, add the navigation once they`re there and
    not before.
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    ZaiZai subscriber Posts: 2
    I thank everyone for their comments - I will take and use all of the suggestions mentioned. I will post again when all changes have been made.
    Craig - I am getting paid for the ads to the right.
    Thanks all,
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    wifsterwifster subscriber Posts: 1
    I agree that the logo (and the website) needs to be done by a professional.    Remember, this is your virtual storefront and the first impression that potential customers have of your business.You also should consider having someone with an eye for design do your site.If you are low on funds, you might try to find someone who will do this for cheap, just to get the experience and build his/her portfolio.I can refer you to some people if you`re interested who will do your site for a few hundred bucks (instead of a few thousand that a professional firm would charge you).
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    ZaiZai subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advice - I will make those changes.
    I am in the process of finding someone to do my logo.
    Thanks again for your input.
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    ZaiZai subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Kathy,
    I`ve been trying to get the startupnation logo on my site, I am not having any luck.
    Can you point me in the right direction. Thanks
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    fixelatedfixelated subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello Zai,Here are a few first impressions...  Your site would definitely benefit from a nice side menu where you list categories instead of providing text links.   The layout to me comes off as unorganized.  Messages are mixed in with images, and there is no clear definition of the "point of action" that you want a user to make.  Other than that,  the site comes off as very "gift baskety" and with a little more organization and aesthetic tweaks, I think you`ll have something much stronger.
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