new idea for a device already invented

deni62deni62 subscriber Posts: 2
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is it possible to enhance a product that is already made.  such as a product that is not specific for genders it is only made for males not females i want to invent this device for females. db


  • nevadasculnevadascul subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    Hi deni62,
    Under some circumstances, patent laws allow an inventor to patent a modification or upgrade to an existing device.  But, there has to be a substantial upgrade.  Typical example is the tale of an inventor named Gilmore.  He came up with a modification to an existing carburetor for an aircraft engine.  His patent request was turned down though by the patent office.  They did not feel there was a substantial difference between the existing carburetor and his modified carburetor to justify a new patent. nevadascul2007-5-22 15:30:29
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