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Considering the recession... and target based marketing...

PaisleymoonPaisleymoon subscriber Posts: 4
edited January 2009 in Selecting a Business
So.. I`m an optimist, right? I try to stay on top of the issues, but I try not to fall prey to a media-induced panic either... however.. I read an article today that freaked me completely out.
They say the post office may be cutting one day of service due to a multi-billion loss last year.  Through rain or snow or dark of night.. the POSTAL SERVICE is falling victim to the recession.. times.. they are a changin!  Predictions are following that big name companies are going to take a tumble too before the economy levels out...
This got me to wondering... as I finish up my gorgeous local based, advertisement funded, magazine (( dont get too excited.. I dont have the ads yet.. )) I wondered... is now the time for this?
Part of me thinks... well I could always use the target based marketing approach and really lay it on  thick.. that now is the time.. to make sure your clients know youre out there.. and to be absolutely certain that your money is not wasted on those who dont need your services (( mine is a baby based magazine, with plans to follow up with a local Suburban Living type mag )) ...
What do you think? With everyone tightening their belts... do you, as a business owner, want to spend any money on marketing?  Is this still at the forefront of your budget or is it the first to be axed?
Thanks for any replies.. I appreciate your thoughts on the matter!
Paisleymoon1/28/2009 6:00 PM


  • MattThomasMattThomas subscriber Posts: 2
    I wouldn`t panic too much. The government isn`t exactly efficient and is far from profitable. Therefore the idea that the post office is cutting back a day isn`t surprising in the least to me. If the post office is losing money with each envelope they deliver to begin with, it is only a matter of time before some form of action would need to be taken, recession or not.
    You did mention something very interesting that you should take a second look at with a different lens: "Through rain or snow or dark of night". This is an example of branding that the post office used to market their reliability and it actually stuck with you. You believed it, which means their slogan was very successful in portraying an image of reliability, even in the throes of a recession.
    I think this is important to keep in mind when putting together the branding for your magazine. If the economy is looking grim, just make sure your brand and marketing is that much stronger and you should do fine.
    Worrying is fine, but being prepared and learning from the loss of others is even better.
    Good luck.
  • WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    how do most subscribers find out about your mag? is the internet a big part of your business? thank god to technology marketing doesnt have to be that expensive anymore, if at all.  lots of ways you can make noise on the internet w/o spending a fortune.
  • PaisleymoonPaisleymoon subscriber Posts: 4
    Im not so much worried about MY cost to advertise.. Im worried about others reticence to spend money on advertising, as this is what drives my magazine.  The magazine will be distributed through its advertisers... therefore, the whole target marketing approach.  Magazines will be free, and available at the baby themed advertisers who are my clients...  I will have a website too... interactive, I hope.. for readers to gather etc... contests.. things to keep interest up, as it will only be a quarterly magazine.
    And Matt, youre right... branding is a HUGE deal.. something I love to do and cant wait to see its effects!
    Thank you for your input.. ;c)
  • profits4idiotsprofits4idiots subscriber Posts: 0
    I believe that marketing should not be axed and a business owner should always allocate money to push his or her products to the public. With the recession, the best way that business owners can do is to find alternate marketing sources. The Web can provide good visibility but TV and print still dominates the advertising industry.
  • benne13benne13 subscriber Posts: 3
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