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If I were any more right brained...I`d fall over.

PaisleymoonPaisleymoon subscriber Posts: 4
edited July 2008 in Selecting a Business
It`s true.  I`ve done my research. I`m so lopsided that it`s a wonder I don`t just fall over. I do however, pivot.. and it`s really really frustrating.
When it comes to brainstorming viable business situations... naming them and then branding them, researching them, etc... I am like a bulldog.  I`ve got some great ideas!  When it comes to settling down and seeing one through to completion? Naw.. why do something as sensible as that?
I currently have 7 domain names reserved.  Great logos made for each one, great ideas, and dreams to accompany each .com I have registered.  Now... which to choose? It really depends on the day.. and letting go of one.. to really concentrate on the other, is so difficult for me.  These are not hairbrained ideas mind you... Ive thought deeply about them, even made business plans for the first few.
My problem lies in the fact that I MUST DO SOMETHING.  As a single stay at home mom of four kiddos, the rent is NOT going to pay itself for much longer. (( Not that it ever did, but my savings is dwindling... ))
I`m smart, I`m creative, and I`m no stranger to hard work... but I have no clue as to what I can do to stop the madness inside my own head, and to be able to buckle down and really use tunnelvision to get to my goal on ONE or maybe TWO projects... I have tried separating them by whats easiest, whats cheapest,  what would be the quickest to start up... I cannot for life of my line them up in a linear fashion and decide. 
It`s keeping me awake at night, distracted during the day, and really generally being a pain in my entrepreneurial beeeeehind.
Anyone else out there like this? Im seriously going to need a neckbrace soon from all the right brained, ear to shoulder, turning in circles!!
Thanks for any input...
Yvette, dreamer of a tshirt business, photoshop outsource business, single mom co-op, personalized gift business and more!!


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    PaisleymoonPaisleymoon subscriber Posts: 4
    along the lines of the right brain left brain issue... try this test... http://www.wherecreativitygoestoschool. ... b_test.htm  I knew it was an issue.. LOL Im 67% right brained and just 33% and my rational scored just 5%.  No wonder Im having issues.. ;c)
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    justryingtohelpjustryingtohelp subscriber Posts: 2
    Craig, as it seems he often does  provided some interesting insight for you to think about. 
    As far as making income the quickest, I too am a work from home mom.  I would suggest a service based business.  I`m not sure if I understand your photoshop idea but if you are talking about desiging logos and website headers, maybe templates, there is a market for that and I know several moms working from home doing just that, plus it would give you creative satisfaction if that`s what you crave. 
    I currently do a variety of things, service based (transcription - don`t know how I fell into that really - and investigative research are my bread and butter at the moment) however, they have finally got me to point that I realize as a self employed person, especially a self employed mom, I need to leverage my time and I`m finally pursuing one of my business ideas (like you I have many).  Anyways if you are interested in finding work from home jobs, before you launch a business either respond here or email me and I can provide you some places to search.
    Best of luck.
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