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Take This Thought

YoThisBAlecYoThisBAlec subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2007 in Website Critique
Hey mates, just joined SuN not too long ago and I`m really liking the community here.  I`d would really appreciate it if I could get some feed back on my latest project:  Take This Thought  Take This Thought is based heavily on the model of Digg and it is a community for sharing one`s thoughts and ideas, no matter how eccentric or mundane.  It uses a Digg-style voting system to keep the front page from being cluttered with every thought.  Thoughts are bumped to the front page as soon as another user votes on it.It`s still a young community as can be seen, but I plan on reading the forums here a lot for ideas on how to advertise and just get the word out there.There are a few site features I have in the works and I had them up for a little bit but things weren`t working completely correctly so I took them out of the production site.  Things such as image upload and flashy lightbox effects for images.The graphics in the design are made by myself, I decided to go with a simple and fresh look with a calm undertone.Thanks for your time and I`m looking forward to your Thoughts Take This Thought
YoThisBAlec2007-4-21 6:16:25


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    Cindrla24Cindrla24 subscriber Posts: 1
    I checked it out but I didn`t think it was clear what I was supposed to do once I got there. 
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    YoThisBAlecYoThisBAlec subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the feedback guys.  I was doing some latenight editting last night and thus didn`t fully check through my site.  What was working fine in Firefox, well... in IE7 90% of the page was commented out.    This happened from me taking out some of the unneeded code.  So if you checked it with IE7, pretty please give it another chance?    It`s working now I swear.Also, yes, the system is based on Digg, but it is in no way a competitor with Digg as a lot of other `local` Digg-clones.  Digg is for sharing entertaining links and sometimes actual news.  This is people sharing their thoughts.  It`s not the links that`s the main content, it`s the users themselves.So any advice on what I should do with the design?  What was non-appealing about it?  Is it the blue-ness of it?  The minimalism?Looking forward to hearing more.  Thanks for pointing out the oddities nhgnikole.
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    YoThisBAlecYoThisBAlec subscriber Posts: 1
    And I too don`t get why some entries are indented and others are not.
    Hmm, that`s odd.  Is this showing up in IE6?  I only have IE7 so I haven`t checked the site in IE6 recently.If you`re talking about the comments under the Thoughts though, that`s because it`s a threaded comment system, so you can reply directly under a first level comment so even if there are others who have replied before you, you can hop up above them and reply to the relevant comment.If it`s the stories themselves that are indented, do you mean on the front pages?  If it`s the summaries then I really need to pour through the code to find the cause.Also, thanks for the feedback about the design and the layout    I`ll see what I can come up with to improve the points you made.
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