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I have a great e-business idea I want to start but I am under eighteen. How  would I go about starting it? What type of business structure would I need? Could I be part of a partnership with someone able to take liability and responsibility? Any other tips would also be helpfull.


  • TimothyTimothy Posts: 6subscriber
    My idea is a service I would like to provide for a low monthly fee to thousands of people all around the world with a common intrest. A hobby actually. Card collecting.
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    Hello, Timothy this is Norman, a little wisdom from the past,some times it,s best to keep idea,s to yourself, people steal them, and wow-the next thing you know you discover it. too-late. also check your competion, is anyone else doing this, how do I market, for those to see, who,s going to buy, how many people are collecting or buying cards,how do I make a profit, at what I enjoy doing anyway. Good luck always, I hope I was helpful  in your journey. Thank you. Norman 
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    I work with many young entrepreneurs and found that they (and this most likely includes you) have many tremendous advatanges over their more "aged" counterparts.
    If you want to learn about an amazing individual, check out Cameron Johnson. His website is</A>.  He would consider you an old guy, since he founded his first company at age 9.  Yes... age 9. He is now in his early 20`s and has built and sold over 15 companies.
    Not too shabby!ObsidianLaunch2007-7-13 20:0:46
  • TimothyTimothy Posts: 6subscriber
    I have done a good amount of research and I believe that there is a want for what I would offer. There is some competition which I have spent time studying to find all their faults I can and hope to do much better. The more I research starting this business the more costs I find, but I that`s not about to stop me.
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    Timothy -- Go for it! I agree w/ the last poster that passion makes a big difference.Feel free to email me and we can discuss more offline: [email protected]Good luck,BenAuthor of "My Start-Up Life: What a (Very) Young CEO Learned on His Journey Through Silicon Valley"
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    Sounds good Timothy, best of luck to you!
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