Need Help on Opening a Toy Store

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   I have lots of experience in making different soft toys and I also work for a toy store. Now I am ready to start one of my own toy store but I don’t know where and how to start this. I am from Indiana, if anyone here has similar experience then please guide me to start this business.



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    Now that you have decided to start a toy store but how will you make it a success.


    I believe you will start one from scratch.
    Who all will be your customers.(Age group)
    What kind of products needed for that age group?
    Where are you going to setup your store?
    What price range you are looking for?
    Do you have budget for promoting your store?
    What is your strategy to handle staff and customer theft?
    What is your overall budget and how are you going to arrange it?


    On answering all these questions will help you generating a business plan for starting your toy store.
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    Try ebay for starters and this could help with starting your branding also.
    Try out your local flea markets too.
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    Yes that`s a point the only one we have near me is toys` r` us, sad isn`t it.
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    Well you would have to ask yourself,how would you compete with the big name brand of toys r us with out having a couple of million to start up, unless your going to stock the big name brands that they do, you are not in the game.
    You will just be left with with all the cheap chinese rubbish, that gets sold on ebay.
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    In my area, there are a couple brick & mortar toy stores that are locally owned. These stores don`t sell the same product as Toys R Us. They sell more wood toys, brain-building toys, stuff that`s made in the US.
    The one I am thinking of in particular is in a college town in a unique downtown area. I looked for a website, but they don`t have one.
    I think you could make something work if you went from the safe, lead-free toys angle, but you would need to be a classy store in an area where parents can afford to buy expensive toys. You would not want to sell the same stuff as Toys R Us, imo, you would lose that game every time.
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    This raises a serious question. Are there any brick and mortars to compete with Toys R Us other than Walmart? I mean strictly a toy store? In Connecticut, no. How `bout where you are?

    I live in a heavy urban location so there`s not enough space outside malls for huge toystores like walmart and toys r us. At best we have specialty hobby stores and the toy department in a local dept. store or mall.
    I`ve heard good things about folks that can leverage their online social networks or blogs into online-order cottage businesses. A lot work off of eBay or LiveJournal, which is a good place if you`re particularly strong at making custom soft toys.
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