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Hello!  I`m also a newbie to Startup Nation, which came into our lives at the most opportune time! 
My husband & I have been seriously considering buying into a franchise called Ceiltech.  Low buy in, home office does marketing, only have to buy cleaning products, all kinds of benefits and incentives.  Too good to be true?
While I`m doing the background research on the company and working on a business plan (my first), I was hoping that someone in Startup Nation might have had some experience with this company. 
Any info / advice will be greatly appreciated, especially from experts like yourselves.  Thanks in advance!


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    Franchising can be a tough road ... and the contracts can be very intimidating. I would talk to current franchisees as part of your due diligence. Check Better Business Bureau and try and find out how much, if any, litigation/arbitration has been undertaken with respect to home company and franchisee disputes.
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    Craig has a good point about asking around. You would hate to invest with not much interest, although heavy advertising (even flyers on the door) would help but also might be expensive). I had a friend who bought a dog grooming place, her and her two children went door to door passing out flyers and her business boomed almost immediately. We also have a place in our area that prepares steak dinners to go.  Their store front is in an out of the way place (not much traffic) but they are booming also. I believe it is from their advertising ~~ door to door flyers, putting ads in little circulars avaible around town ~~~ also their steaks are very very good but they only deliver, they have no sit down tables in the store.I believe advertising is very important and benificial if done correctly.My brother is a plumber and he has a booming business. He advertises all over the place (yellow pages included- which can be expensive). His advertisement has paid off thru the years (20 some odd years).One thing thou, if you go door to door ~~~ check with your city hall to make sure they do not have any certain rules about door to door.Believe in yourself, plant seeds and God will show you a harvest!
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    Thanks to all for the good info.  Should`ve been a little more clear on the concept of franchise.  It`s unique, in that our clientele will be business owners that have to meet health department industry standards, i.e. restaraunts, hospitals, hotels.  My current research shows that most businesses use painters, which are much more expensive.  Still doing the leg work on interest in our area.  Have a great day!
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    You need work attentively in your business and become very caring. That's all.
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