Starting an online "services" or "membership-based" business?

y2gabsy2gabs subscriber Posts: 1
Hey guys,
A bit of a rookie question from a Canadian new to the world of entrepreneurialship but thought this might be a good spot for
some advice. I`ve developed an online product around managing one`s
website through a content management system. The catch is that I need
to host the product so I`m not really selling it but rather renting or leasing it
to a user (almost like web hosting). I`m thinking a monthly fee.
Now I want to make sure I`m doing the right things tax-wise. What do I
need to do in the way of collecting taxes when providing a service like
the one mentioned above? I have a registered corporation in Canada, I
haven`t setup a GST/HST number yet. Also, what do I need to do when
offering this service in the U.S. or country other than Canada too?  I`m sure I`ve come to the right place for experience running an online service provider of many sorts
Any advice/instruction would be awesome! Thanks!!
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