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Distribution: How to market and sell products in US and Canada

wy8162wy8162 subscriber Posts: 3
Hi,Could anyone kindly share some information about the distribution channel system in US? Perhaps, I can put the question like this:I have some cool products, say, unique balloon products for party, etc. How can find the wholesales channels to sell my products? What`s the way to sell these products to, say, WalMart, Party City, etc. Do I need to hire a lot sales people to sell?Sorry that I`m new in starting and owning a new business.Have a nice day.WY


  • zeppzepp subscriber Posts: 2
    Well, I don`t know much about Party City, but I have looked into the
    process to get products into WalMart. They actually are quite helpful,
    though be prepared for a lot of paperwork and waiting.

    To get you started, WalMart even has a section of their web site
    dedicated to potential vendors. It has all the information you need to
    get started with the process:

    WalMart Vendor Info
  • wy8162wy8162 subscriber Posts: 3
    Thanks, Zepp.Your information is really helpful. It gives me some hints about how to deal with other companies: they must have some kind of department responsible for sourcing products for sell.This is a common sense actually. But frankly speaking, I didn`t think it this way when I first encountered the problems.Thanks again, Zepp. Have a nice day.
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