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I`m planning to start a brewpub with around 100 seats / 2,500 sq.ft, and am struggling with part of the Business Plan.
Does anyone have any information on:
1. How much the typical bar inventory (in dollars) would be? (i.e. how much stock you`d need to purchase before, hard liquor, soft drinks, etc.)
2. How much the typical restaurant inventory would be? (dollars)
Many Thanks
Paul Bessell


  • PaulBessellPaulBessell Posts: 1subscriber
    Colorado Springs. Off to see a commercial realtor today. A lot of bureaucracy to overcome, and I reckon it`ll take till March-May next year to get the place up and running.Haven`t really "pushed the boat out" to investors yet, but once my Business Plan is complete, I`ll be looking for funding of around $160,000+ from private investors.
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    Good luck with the Realtor and finding the right place.
    I think your time frame is about right. There are a lot of steps to take before you`re open, but it sounds like a great project.
    If I can help, just let me know.
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