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N23CN23C subscriber Posts: 4
Hello all
I have had this idea for a few months now...of openning a salads only eatery...
there are virtualy none like this anywhere.I live in southern california where EVERYONE is self concious so i really feel this would work.  I know in NYC there are 2 and are doing very well...
Now i am 25 and have no capitol and bad credit for things i have done in the past so how would i get this going?  I am sure the catpitol needed would be well over 150k
please let me know what you guys think


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    consumertreehouseconsumertreehouse subscriber Posts: 11
    I live in Los Angeles and you are right there is nothing out here like your idea. There is always that possibility that it would work. I have two friends who are professional chefs, both trained in Italy. They have been working on opening a restaurant in Venice, on Main Street, and have found that they will need no less than 500K to open even the smallest place.I also have a friend who just opened a wine shop on Rose in Venice, he opened the doors with a small amount of money, but once opened the city cracked down on him hard, telling him that he needed to do this and needed to do that, after they already granted permission and he filed all the legal paperwork, go the license, etc.....Opening anything in L.A. is tricky. I would suggest you look into the 2 operations that MiteyMite suggested and see if they would be something that you would be interested in. You could help bring one to L.A. and buy into, owning a portion for yourself.Good Luck
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