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Watch this every morning and start your day!

World2foryouWorld2foryou subscriber Posts: 1
Hi, Debbie Poole here and here are some tips to start your day so you can have a ~ what a friend always says ~  " Have a Better then Great Day ".Watch this first so you know How Awesome you are and put your first name in place of the XXXX`s:   http://XXXX.youaremighty.com Wake up everyday an hour earlier so you can control what might make you have a bad day.  Such as ~~~ 1.) Driving to an appointment and a car cuts you off on the highway. ***You are not running late (because you woke up an hour earlier) and you choose not to let that situation (which you have no control over) give you a bad moment in your day. 2.) Stop for a breakfast sandwich at a fast food place. There is a person in front of you who is complaining about what he received because the order wasn`t correct. He just is giving the gal behind the counter an awful time.  *** You are not running late (because you woke up an hour earlier) and you can give that gal a smile and some nice words so she can still have a good day and push off the bad vibes she had gotten from the person in front of you. Smiles are contagious! 3.) Any situation you come across throughout the day YOU can Control whether you allow that situation to cause you a Good or Bad day ~ it`s up to you. So have a great day and smile at whatever comes your way. You will have a Better then Great day.Check my website out - I guarentee you have Never seen anything like this!
World2foryou2007-4-25 6:39:32


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