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Help with Media Kit for a new startup

workingcanuckworkingcanuck subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2008 in Public Relations
We`re in some need of advice here with a media kit. We`re a brand new startup which hasn`t even officially launched as of yet although we did get our forum up and running thanks to suggest by another member on SN. In order to try and generate some traffic before we officially launch the parent site.
So naturally when we launched our forum we made friends and contacts aware of it which drove some traffic but no one is willing to post so the other night I decided to turn to the retailers and start introducing some of them to ThriftyPockets.com in hopes this might get people more active with the forum. Today I come home to find two larger national retailers contacted me back requesting a media kit.
How do you go about writing up a media kit when your just starting out?
Thanks in advance,


  • PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25
    Hi Rich,
    You may want to check http://www.startupnation.com/articles/1 ... siness.asp for more information.
    Hope this helps,
  • workingcanuckworkingcanuck subscriber Posts: 2
    Good Morning Craig and Melanie,
    First thank you both for your responses. Craig I do have a business plan in place but not sure on how to turn that into a marketing kit please advise. Certainly I can use elements of the business plan such as executive summary and business summary. The problem I`m more running into is cold hard facts & stats when their requesting current customers, demographics, and marketing of the site as this is all in the pre-launch stage at this point these are only future speculations and plans for the site.
    I look forward to your replies,
  • workingcanuckworkingcanuck subscriber Posts: 2
    Good Evening Craig,
    I`m not sure if the problem is either the vision or the marketing of ThriftyPockets.com the problem lies more in the speculation aspect with all due respect I could say the company will gross 1 mil. next year where in reality we might only pull down 10k. These two companies are asking for actual numbers which in pre-launch are hard to determine and I care not to throw caution to the wind.
    If you asked me what my current employers demographics where I could nail it right down to the head however my current employer has been in business and I`m use to our demographics. So in all due respect how do you go about figuring out these details in a new company. 
    I truly appreciate your time and response Craig,
  • LogoMotivesLogoMotives subscriber Posts: 15
    Check out my own very customizable marketing/media kit.  In fact, I`m sending out several today to potential clients and a couple of media contacts who have asked for additional information about my business for possible articles.
    - J.
  • workingcanuckworkingcanuck subscriber Posts: 2
    Hello again Craig,
    So basically it`s nothing more than a resume for your business. Is it ok then for me to use my projections from my business plan seeing how I am a start up with maybe a comment of based of future projections or maybe something along the lines of our targeted customers will be XYZ?
    Thanks again Craig for your time and your help it is appreciated.
    Jeff great article very informative and I love the idea of a customizable marketing kit so I had to throw a vote in for you with SUN best of luck in the competition.
  • LogoMotivesLogoMotives subscriber Posts: 15
    Thanks Rich! 
    Glad you found the article useful.  - J.
  • workingcanuckworkingcanuck subscriber Posts: 2
    Sorry for not responding earlier I had a presentation to get ready for the other day. To answer your question Craig I`m definitely selling a service above most others while it is basically a coupon site with a forum where the potential lye`s within the local coupon section. When I sent out the invite to retailers it was the opportunity to utilize our forums for free.
    While the forums will always be free overtime certain features will become pay per use. Only affecting merchants such features will be the use of sticky post and calendar functions which will both have a very nominal fee in essence that any manager or associate would be able to utilize without need to expense back to the employer.  
    Our local coupon section will naturally be where our  bread and butter will be. As we will be charging merchants to carry their coupons upon our site in order to gain more exposure as we will be aggressive within the community to promote our site and their brands.
    Were basically using the forums to drive traffic to the parent site upon launch in order that were showing a basic demographic of users and traffic already built to the site, in essence making the selling aspect easier as will have numbers prior to launch or at least that the plan. While the intention of the forum is to drive traffic it`s also plan to to maintain the forum for a low cost alternative to advertising for managers vs. the local coupon section in which will require in majority of cases the owner or head office to sign off upon.
    Hope this helps clarify our intentions,
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