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Building Media Lists

greenideasgreenideas subscriber Posts: 2
edited November 2008 in Public Relations
We are looking to take our PR to a national level and have been looking at various media tools such as Burelles, Vocus, etc., for building lists, distribution and organizing contacts. What is the general feeling out there regarding these products? 
We found Burelles list builder very easy to use and its less expensive than its competitors. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks. 


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    redfishredfish subscriber Posts: 10
    Just giving you an inside track... I used to work in radio and got hundreds of PR requests and we didn`t have the time to look at them all.  As the marketing director if it didn`t look interesting, I usually just passed it over.  Email was the worst - often it didn`t even get read.  If it was paper, it was more likely we`d look at it. But if it didn`t offer something for our listeners quickly, we`d toss it.  And we wouldn`t get too far into it.  (So offer the benefit for the listener or viewer in the first paragraph). If it was interesting the best way to get it on-air is to provide more information at a website, and make it clear where we can get that. Don`t put a homepage, but a page with more information specific to what you`re publishing (e.g. domain.com/nov12pressrelease.html) -- but don`t include everything in the press release.  A four page paper will get tossed fast.  Then also a contact, and phone number - and a promise to offer an interview or more information (or photos or whatever... all of which should be on the web page too).  If you`ve done interviews before, mention that.  On radio our hosts always love an interview (it makes their job easier, and the station sounds better) ESPECIALLY if they can interview someone who already has experience because they know it`ll be smooth.
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    PRProPRPro subscriber Posts: 25

    Hi Green Ideas,

    Jeff has some excellent points here. And as far as the media lists go, I`ve used many of them that are out there, and I`ve always had the most luck conducting my own research and creating my own list.

    This way, you will have a better understanding of what a media member talks about and what he or she is looking for...and then you`ll be able to give a targeted pitch specifically to that person. And this method always works better than sending a press release out to a massive, general list of people.

    Just a thought...
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    DanekDanek subscriber Posts: 0
    If you`re going to pay for media contacts, know exactly what kind of journalists  you want to reach.   Be careful about buying a huge comprehensive list of 10,000 contacts, etc.  You`ll end up mostly paying for  info on journalists who have no interest in what you are trying to promote.
    Try to narrow it down to journalists who reach your ultimate target audience.  Are you looking for homeowners?  If you`re approaching newspapers, your best bet is the Features Editors and/or journalists who cover home and garden.  If you want to reach business owners, you`ll want the business editors, not the sports writers, and so on.  Don`t pay for leads that will have no value to you.Another way to reach a  national audience is to submit  your press releases to wire services and syndicates such as Associated Press.  If they use your release, it will be sent to literally thousands of newspapers.  There is no charge, but there is stiff competition.Danek S. KausAuthor of "You Can Be Famous! Insider Secrets to Getting Free Publicity."http://youcanbefamousbook.comFree publicity consultation, write dan@yourpowerpublicity.com 
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    saravanansaravanan subscriber Posts: 389 Silver Level Member
    The best way to build a media list is to network. Go for events, get visiting cards, interact on LinkedIn, make sure to keep in touch. Most media fields have events on a daily basis, attend as many as possible over a month to get to know people and recognise them, more importantly for them to recognise you. 
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    arjun123arjun123 subscriber Posts: 114 Silver Level Member
    1. Assess your target audience. The first thing you need to decide when creating your media list is who your target audience is and how best to reach them.
    2. Research media outlets. ...
    3. Find the right contact. ...
    4. Organise your information. ...
    5. Update your list. ...
    6. About the author.
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