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What is your biggest headache as a small business owner?

DanielleDanielle subscriber Posts: 4
What are your biggest headaches or challenges as a small business owner?


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    uaniluanil subscriber Posts: 1
    Well as I bet everyone would say "EMPLOYEES"  Without the whole employee issue I would be just fine.  Also, marketing,  there is no proven method of this.  Being a restarant owner and a smaller restarant owenr marketing is something that is just a hit and miss.
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    ScanSmartScanSmart subscriber Posts: 1
    My biggest headache is getting over the fear of production when out selling.  Half the time I`m on the road selling our document management services with the thought of how much work I`m creating for myself.  It`sdifficult to balance the two in the head.
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    CheerDirectorCheerDirector subscriber Posts: 4
    My biggest headache is inventory and accounting. 
    Keeping enough inventory on-hand while not letting it sit in our warehouse for too long.  And doing the bookkeeping work.  
    I know, I know!  All of the seasoned SuNers will say - hire someone. 
    For what its worth, those are my headaches.
    P.S.  Love my staff - I have good ones, but it is easy for me to find and retain passionate people.
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    DanielleDanielle subscriber Posts: 4
    I want to narrow this down to a more managerial/operational focus. Here are some examples:

    I have to spend too much time on admin tasks
    I have to do work or tasks that I dislike or don`t do well; I end up procrastinating
    Since I do everything, I`m working too many/too long hours
    I can`t seem to find time to do more marketing and networking
    I don`t have enough quality time for family, friends and outside interests
    Don`t have enough money to hire help
    Do any of these hit a nerve for anyone? Do you have other similar complaints you can add?
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    DeafCeoDeafCeo subscriber Posts: 3
    Lack of opertating captial. People dont want to take a risk in your visions.
    I know my idea will make money for the company. But people want to get paid now. And they`re reluctance to sign a no compete clause and a confidential agreement.
    I entertained the idea of contractors. But I can only afford $100 per month until a cash flow is created.
    I have two potential people that want to work for me but it is like hanging a carrot on a big stick in front of a rabbit. The rabbit would be motivate to eat it but doesn`t want to work for it.
    So that is very frustrating for me because success for any type of venture can occur with the right group of people. It is just finding them.
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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    My biggest headache has to be billing and administration. Although, I`ve tried hiring people.. they just don`t seem to know what I need. Its going to be hard finding people but when I do find they.. they are going to be with the company for a long time.
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