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How many small business owners are doing everything themselves?

DanielleDanielle subscriber Posts: 4
How many of you are wearing all hats in your business, doing your own marketing, your own administrative tasks, etc.


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    sarahleighmsarahleighm subscriber Posts: 3
    I do everything myself...but I like it that way,I`m such a control
    freak I guess!
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    truegeniustruegenius subscriber Posts: 3
    Here. Here.  I do have a PR consultant that runs our PR, but I do everything else.  My business partner still works full time so everything falls on my plate at this time, including the production of the product.  Lots of fun!
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    DanielleDanielle subscriber Posts: 4
    Do you have a game plan for when your business grows to the point that you can`t take care of everything yourself?
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    truegeniustruegenius subscriber Posts: 3
    Yes.  When we get to a level where we feel that we no longer can handle everything, we will outsource more than just the sewing of our materials, as we do right now.  We will outsource more of the production, and more of the admin. work; maybe hire some staff.  All depends on a lot of factors.
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    kate1040kate1040 subscriber Posts: 0
    We do almost everything ourselves with the exception of our online marketing and some admin tasks.  For those we have hire a virtual assistant.
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    EBizAlanEBizAlan subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Right now, I`m doing everything myself but within a year or two, I think I will need a part-time secretary and outsource some of my work at elance.com so that I can concentrate on the the true money making activity in my business....marketing.
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    EliteVAsEliteVAs subscriber Posts: 0
    This is a really interetesting topic and it`s great hearing everyone`s answers too. I`m actually a Virtual Assistant, but my business partner and I do everything ourselves right now; however, I still hope to hire an assistant to the company someday.
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    LuLu subscriber Posts: 0

    Monday 30 Oct 06
    Dear Tammy:
    I read with interest the article about your "true genius" clothing business.  I have hd an idea for some clothing for some time and didn`t know quite how to do it, how to secure the intellectual property rights, if that is appropriate, etc.
    I believe my idea has substantial application in your field and should be wide and deep in its useage.
    I would like to discuss it sometime when you have a few minutes, tho it would be difficult to get into details until my coyright application is acknowledged.
    If you have an interest in pursuing this idea please contact me by email: lupaine@wbhsi.net</A> or by phone: 480 895 0705.
    Lu Paine
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    iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    jillybeans... keep on track. In my opinion, it doesn`t really matter how long it takes you to get there. That`s what life is for. It`s a journey. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Eventually, you will arrive!
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    ExceptionallyCleanExceptionallyClean subscriber Posts: 0
    I have a partnership and right now we share everything we do, basically, we have split up who takes care of what.
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    TheQueenOfGreenTheQueenOfGreen subscriber Posts: 0
    Having been in business just under 2 years, I`m still doing it all single-handedly. Occasionally, I drag my partner (in life) along to help me remove furniture from a staging. Other than that, I only pay an accountant once a year.
    I haven`t gotten to the point where I think I need additional help, but that could certainly be a blind spot.
    Plans for when I get too big? Hmm.. That`s a great question that I haven`t yet considered. I`m making sure I`m developing a slate of products that are purchase-able (rather than only selling my time) - but as for the tasks of my business, I haven`t a clue.
    Now you`ve got me thinking... Thanks!
    - Jennifer
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    Jaun22Jaun22 subscriber Posts: 0
    I have been doing it by myself for awhile now. I find it that there really has to be a balance to the control of the business if and when I introduce more employees. That is biggest concern of mine finding that balance.
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    SchimeonSchimeon subscriber Posts: 0
    I agree that a Virtual Assistant is the way to go to lighten your workload and assist you in staying focused on activities that make you money. But let`s not rule out having technology and great business processes assist us in automating our businesses and taking some of the load off of the human resource. I suggest that my clients begin thinking about better ways to streamline their procedures or how they can implement a tool or technology to take some of the strain off of their back. Visualize your ideal business process and write down exactly how it operates, who you would need to put it together, and what tools or technology you would need to for it to work. Then take that wish list and add a dollar amount to it. Sometimes you`ll be surprised at how cost effective it really can be. If it`s out of your budget, then you can become resourceful and find inexpensive substitutes,  work arounds, or outsourcing solutions that are affordable. If you would like some assistance with this process or want to kick around some ideas feel free to email me at Schimeon@mybusinessgenie.com.
    Schimeon11/16/2007 6:31 AM
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    ClerksClerks subscriber Posts: 0
    There is a line between Assistant and Consultant BUT many VA`s can help the business owner develop those processes.  By working with a business owner as a partner instead of an employee we can use our collective knowledge to work out the kinks and achieve the successes they want.  I`m not saying that a VA will "fix" everything but utilizing the skills of one will open up additional time for the business owner to grow the business and work on those trouble spots.
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    conciergelady1conciergelady1 subscriber Posts: 2
    I am in the same boat doing everything myself. Hopefully this will not last forever and then I can hire my own virtual assistant to help me
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