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Starting my own freight company

EwergreenEwergreen subscriber Posts: 2
edited May 2016 in Business Planning
Let me first introduce myself. I`m a 25 year old male with a bachelors degree in "online journalism". For some reason, that has never inspired me to become a journalist or for that matter ever write again since school. It`s not because I was bad at it. It`s more of a thing of the past. I also enjoyed writing the most when I was travelling and had a lot of time for myself. All that has changed since I started working.
Which brings me to my business idea. I recently (three months ago) started working in a towing company. Our core business is doing small interventions in and around the city where we are situated. The other big thing we do is retrieving cars that are between 350 and 2500+ kilometers away from home and for whatever reason need to be brought home. I also found out that, if asked, we also move quite a lot of other things.
I`m right in the center of all this. I basically calculate prices, negotiate new contracts with insurance companies, etc... .
Now I was thinking, if I were to put up a professional looking website where I advertised "my company" as being able to move a lot of things. I know our competition quite well, I know our prices. I know what it`s all about. If I were to get a reasonable amount of leads, I think I could be (yet another) middle man and make some "easy" money.
The problems are: I don`t want my boss to find out I`m involved with it. Which shouldn`t be too hard. And I don`t know if I needed insurance or liability weavers myself, or that I could just use the transporter`s documents?
What are your opinions about all of this? Thanks in advance!


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