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Have a look and let me know your thoughts

woolwool subscriber Posts: 2
edited January 2008 in Website Critique
No details. I would like to see if the site speaks for itself - Thankswww.ossipeegrp.comwool1/15/2008 12:51 PM


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    GetAGripGetAGrip subscriber Posts: 14
    Overall I think your site is good and imformative.  I would change a couple of things, like the amount of empty space that is on your home page, maybe just shrink out the blank space or take the right column and put it below the main text.  I would also switch your home and contact in the top of your site.  Just my opinion, I`m not really a website guy, just a consumer.
    If you could kindly look over my site and give feedback I would appreciate it, the post is two below yours.

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    woolwool subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi and thanks for your feed back. I appreciate the comments and will make some adjustments to the layout.
    Your product site is very well done. Good layout with well balanced placement of product images.
    Video is also a step above.  What I can`t see is how you optimized the site for ranking on the search engines.  From a product point of view: neat concept. maybe a non industrial version for the disabled. Hope to see your stuff in Home Depot. Good Luck
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    MichelleACMichelleAC subscriber Posts: 0
    I did take a look at your website.  Overall, I think it is pretty good.  However, you will want to check your grammar (I found a lower case "all" where it should have been capitalized and "address`s" is incorrect and should be "addresses".  I didn`t check all pages but you will want to check the grammar and punctation on all of them.
    Good Luck.
    PS.  I am always looking for constructive criticism and suggestions for my own website.  I would appreciate your feedback.


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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    MichelleAC .... your page is out of whack. It is extremely tall, with huge open areas. I would fix this before doing anything else.You only seem to have one page; create more content and spread it out on additional pages.  You have a huge amount of unneeded code, and could use some serious SEO.
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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    I want to echo Webline, I visited your web site and it`s too long. I think it`s that sitebuilder tool you are using..
    MichelleAC, you should hire webline to fix your web site or create a nice one for you... Wool, you too. Send webline some work....
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    RC4URC4U subscriber Posts: 1
    Yes, the site does speak for itself.  I figured out fairly quickly the services that you provide.  Good luck to you.
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