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Help - Need a reasonable, creative web designer!

wlkrswlkrs subscriber Posts: 1
Help - My husband and I have just started two separate businesses under the name of RiverBridge Financial Services.  We got a domain name from Yahoo and just threw up (literally) one of those cheap little template sites.  Well, two months in, it dawns on us that although we don`t sell products, only services, we still need a slick, professional website.   This is SO beyond our abilities.  We have got to outsource it.  We need links to other pages on the site - like a link from main page to the accounting services page.  We would also like animation on the site in like a slide show, or clip or something like that (we have pictures). If possible, it would be great if we could get a credit application that can be filled out by the client and printed by us.  The problem is money.  The two local estimates I have been given for this was $5,800 and $3,500 for five pages, hyper links, credit application page,and a slide show.  I`d have a better chance of finding a tooth in a chicken`s mouth than $5,800 for a website right now.  Is there anyone out there that could do it more reasonably?  I`m not begging for for a free ride.  We are willing to pay, but I will have to wait another year to be able to afford these prices.  Are these the reasonable rates for a website?  Please don`t tell me that I should be able to do this type of website myself.  I am webdesign illiterate and unable to make heads nor tails of graphic design.  If you know of anyone or have any info, it would be appreciated.  Thanks - Shelia


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    ahensley54ahensley54 subscriber Posts: 0
    I use a web designer that does a great job.  You cannot find anyone more cost effective.  I have seen websites that she has designed and they look great.  Send me an email and I will reply back to it with her contact information.  My email address is ahensley3@indy.rr.com
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    GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    Hello Sheila!  A fellow SuN member did mine. (see www.grillcharms.com) I just love the look, it is so consistant with my brand, he added cool features like a photo gallery and even a video gallery!  LOVE him!  His name is Brian White.  You can tell him "the grill charms girl"  sent ya   Here`s his info:

    GrillCharmer9/27/2008 11:04 AM
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    winnowinno subscriber Posts: 4
    I could probably get it done for you for $2000 max, maybe less.
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    WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    depends on the extent you want to make it "flashy" and "aesthetically appealing".  if you want an eye catching website with all kinds of flash/graphics then consider outsourcing it to india. (guru.com, elance.com, rentacoder.com). there are some excellent programmers that can get this done for a good price.
    be aware however that heavy graphics and flash are not really SEO friendly. depending on the purpose of the website, this is a key decision you must make. if you want a website to be a poster for your business then go for it. if you want a website that will drive targetted traffic and clients, then focus more on quality information and not so much the appearance.  SBI is a great solution for this as well.
    i am not an advocate of getting a site made/done and not knowing what was done/how to update it, make edits etc. make sure you know how to operate it and handle the back end after you have gotten it done. a good developer would not mind sitting down with you and walking through it once the site is developed.
    good luck
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    ahensley54ahensley54 subscriber Posts: 0
    Here is my graphic designer.  She is reasonably priced and should be able to help you. 
    Joan Reut
    (479) 200-0826

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    VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    "Your site should be on a dedicated or Virtual Private Server, and Not a shared server."
    What is the difference from a Virtual Server and a Shared Server?  Either way, one server has dozens or more web sites hosted on it.
    Dedicated servers are fine if you have the IT skills to install and maintain the web server software, and the money.  If $3,000 is steep for site design, then a dedicated server is really out of the budget.
    According to my merchant account provider, if I don`t save the personal data when I send it to them for credit processing, then I don`t need to worry about the provisions of Gramm-Leach-Bliley. They do.
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    wlkrswlkrs subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for all the help and offers.  We have selected a web designer who is working on the site right now.  One of the first things we talked about was security and I think that it is handled correctly.  The information is not sent to us via the web: the clients only download the form and later fax or mail it to us.  Believe it or not, that is how this equipment broking industry works!  When we send the information on to the lenders, it is on their secured network.  Once again, thanks for all the help, offers and suggestions.  Thanks - Shelia 
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    redfishredfish subscriber Posts: 10
    Babbsela - that might be a bit overkill - and a bit pricey.  You can use encryption and do it all `off-line`.  After filling in some information all the processing could be done on the server in the root-directory off-line.  Encrypting the data would make it more secure -- and md5 a password for accessing the files.  A private server with SSL is going to require a lot of monthly capital.  Unless they`re willing to significantly increase design costs and are expecting to have hosting charges close to $100 a month they`re going to need to go another route.
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