Hey from Australia

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Hi there,
I`ve been interested in online business (and business generally) for a while. I`ve finally started my first site which is currently under production, hopefully it will be up in a few weeks.Anyway, I`m in my final year of university in Australia doing commerce majoring in marketing, and a law degree. I`m a big fan of Seth Godin, Kevin Rose, Craig Newmark and people in that vein of the online world.Nice to meet you guys.


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    Welcome to SuN - a very resourceful site. You already have selected a great group of men with a wealth of knowledge. Look forward to hear from you......... I wish that you have a successful on line business.
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    Hello Winno:
    I wish I could say something quippy about the land down under but its very interesting that you are studying marketing and the law - thats a good combination I hope - and for me at present Online presence is dominated by Martin Dougimas - a fellow Austraialian and the creator of Moodle.org - or moodle it self - My service product when it ever gets done part of the family Moodle... GetSmartmoodle.org - so best of luck to you and welcome to StartUpNation...
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