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how can I best research a market?

Brent33Brent33 subscriber Posts: 2
edited May 2007 in Business Planning
I figure the best way for me to test/research a potential market is to conduct a survey of people in their homes who might be interested in my service....this may be a silly question but I`m wondering if anyone has advice as to how to best format a survey.  I want it to look professional and legit....Also, what is the best, and affordable, way to distribute it and then have it returned to me? Thanks.


  • Brent33Brent33 subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info so far.Does anyone know a way to get addresses for such research other than having to poor through the phone book.  Also...how does one get return postage added to a flyer or survey?  Again, thank you.
  • Brent33Brent33 subscriber Posts: 2
    Dip Lady,Thanks for your response.  I`m really just beginning to consider a home delivery service for staple products that people use and run out of often (vegetables, toilet paper, milk, diapers...etc.) .I would love any ideas you might have for collecting names and addresses.  Any other advice would be great.
  • Brent33Brent33 subscriber Posts: 2
    Sorry if I`m a bit thick, but I`m not seeing any info regarding finding addresses.  Thanks for your help.
  • EmilyPEmilyP subscriber Posts: 0
    In college, I took a research methods course and about 1/3 of the semester was spent on surveys. I took the course about a year ago, but the thing that stuck with me about surveys is that they are incredibly effective, but it all depends on how you administer them. We were instructed to shy away from mass mailings, because unless you`re the Census Bureau, the response rate is generally low compared to the relatively high cost of distributing them (especially given the recent increase in postage). If you are going to conduct a survey though, I would focus on a particular demographic (like DipLady suggested) and include a brief introductory paragraph that makes people think they were chosen exclusively to participate. Make it exciting and personal. I know I have seen other posts on here too about determining interest and market research, so you might find some helpful tips if you poke around a bit. 
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