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New, a couple questions.

WesWes subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2006 in Website Critique
Hi,    Love the forums, the book, and the podcast of Startup Nation. They have helped me in so many ways. I have recently started a website televsion channel called ultrasport.tv (www.ultrasport.tv). I designed the site myself.    What does everyone think of the site? I will eventually get a design firm to do a re-design, but what do you all think I should fix, change, get rid of now?      Also, anyone good at making logos?   Thanks        Wes


  • AayushAayush subscriber Posts: 0
    Good work Wes - The basic design of the website looks pretty simple and easy to understand. Your website`s main page mentions in brief what this website is about which is great. But I have some suggestions:1. You should add some more content (videos) in the website before launching it officially (i.e. before passing the word around that your website has been launched.). This would allow the visitors to exact gauge the kind of content you are aiming to provide.2. In the "About" section I would like to have some more content to be put up regarding what the website does. Also it is a good idea to give a personal contact email address rather than [email protected]3. The "Journal" tab is in bold which creates an impression that this is the most important section and you want the visitors to certainly have a look at it. But when I clicked on it I am redirected to some other websites of yours. I think that this is not only confusing but also inconsistent with the behavior of the other tabs ("Home", "Launch" and "About").4. I have little idea for what purpose you are keeping a "Journal" but in case it is something like a blog you should better rename it as "Blog" Hope it helps.A.
  • ChristinaChristina subscriber Posts: 6
    Interesting site. Simple enough to navigate - minimal design. I think
    that`s best for now I second the suggestion that there be more on
    the "about" page. Color scheme is kind of weird (to me, anyway.) I like
    the blue and orange, but I`m not sure about the gold-ish color.

    Those are just some thoughts off the top of my head. Looks like an interesting website!
  • WesWes subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi!  Thanks for the tips Christina and Aayush. I have applied more to the about page, changed the word "journal" to "blog" and also added some video content (more to come very soon).     One more question. Does anyone have any experience with the service constantcontact.com? I need to start a newsletter and have heard some good things about them.    Thanks       Weston
  • AayushAayush subscriber Posts: 0
    Sorry Wes -- I have no idea and haven`t heard of any reviews for constantcontact.com.
  • keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    Reference your question about Constant Contact. I use it for several newsletter projects I handle for clients. I like it. Others on this forum have their favorite programs, too.
    If you go to the "Marekting" form, drill down and read past posts on the archived pages (quick link to previous pages), you`ll find some lively discussions on the subject of newsletters. Worth the time to read through them. You`ll get some good info from these previous posts.
    BTW - welcome and good luck!
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