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Low Conversion Rates

golengolen subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2008 in Website Critique
I am looking for some advice on how to improve the conversion rate for GlucoMax.net. http://www.startupnation.com/NET_ROOT/c ... ucomax.net
Our site has been up since late 2007. Most of the sales come from the organic search but the conversion rate is very low - 0.85% to 1.35%. I am currently working on adding additional suppliers which will allow us to compete much more effectively on price. Could our current pricing be blamed for very low conversion rates? Are there any additional things we should consider changing in our site structure, navigation, communication with the visitor? Too low of a product offering? Font size too small? Complicated check out process? Any other ideas on how small establishment like us could compete with giants like these:http://www.startupnation.com/NET_ROOT/c ... dlife.com/http://www.startupnation.com/NET_ROOT/c ... esale.com/
Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


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    katscoolcorner1katscoolcorner1 subscriber Posts: 0
    From R-U New To Business
    I`m not crazy about your site, it`s very dry, and generic.  Let me ask you something, Are you passionate about glucomax?  Diabetes? Or is it just a means to an end of some sales?
    I personally would like to see your passion.  People buy from people.  Your story could connect you with the right target market.  Testimonials could make a difference.
    But as it is I don`t see the passion.  It`s not warm and inviting.  The price point at $17.95  you will have to sell lots of these little gadgets, to make any sort of profit.
    I have one suggestion on traffic.  On a blog you can write a review article of the product with your links. 
    But glocomax doesn`t speak to me.
    R-U New To Business
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