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Becareful about scam from Shanghai IDC

WeltonWelton subscriber Posts: 10
edited August 2008 in Protecting Your Ideas
I just received an email from Shanghai IDC.. this is SCAM since other people also received similar emails.  www.govidc.com.cn   www.govidc.org.cn


  • WeltonWelton subscriber Posts: 10
    Then.. I emailed him back and told him that I will consult my lawyer first.  This is the email I got back from him:
    From: kenny wu
    [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Sunday, September 16, 2007 11:32
    PMTo: [email protected]Subject: Re: RE: Domain name of
    Dear Welton


    Thanks for your prompt reply.
    According to our investigation, Saibo company is a Hong
    Kong company. If you have no relationship with them. According to
    our working experience, there are 2 possibilities:1. Saibo company is a
    domain name investment company, they want to register these names before you and
    sell back to you to gain profits.2. It may be a commercial method, Saibo
    company is consigned by your competitor to register, let your clients feel


    We knew you have registered the
    domain name "dianalindesign.com"
    and own the intellectual property, this is why we informed you. But now Saibo
    company wanted to apply for other domain names and internet brand Keyword you
    have not registered yet. Saibo company wants to apply the following domain









    Brand Keyword "dianalindesign"


    You must know Domain name takes
    open registration, this is international domain name registration principle. So
    Saibo company has right to register them. As a domain name registrar, we have no
    right to dispute their application. So required by China government
    to inform your company to protect your interest. But as the company whose
    trademarks relate to the applied domains, you will get the priority to register
    these domain names.


    If you have business in
    China or you want to develop
    business in China in the near future, so I think
    these domain names are very important for you! Of course, each company has their
    own idea. If you don`t think their application will affect your company, you can
    give up, we will finish their registration. But if you think these domain names
    are useful for your company, we can send an application form to you and help you
    register these within dispute period. This is the only way to prevent domain
    name grab. Pls let us know your decision soon, so that we can handle the next


    <a rel="nofollow" name="OLE_LINK6">Best
    Regards,Kenny Wu</a>
  • RealityBoatCoRealityBoatCo subscriber Posts: 1
    I`m missing the SCAM part.   
      I`m just not seeing it.  Can you explain the scam part of this. 
  • miabellacandlesmiabellacandles subscriber Posts: 3
    It seems that they are attempting to be "helpful" to Welton by registering all of the other domain names listed, possibly for an inflated price.
  • MCShultsMCShults subscriber Posts: 0
    Scam may be the wrong word. Perhaps, "shakedown" might be a better description. At face value at least, they seem to be a registrar which attempts to motivate companies to buy (from them) URLs with the "cn" (China) extension e.g. google.com.cn by claiming that Chinese rascals are desperate to grab up "cn" extensions of your existing URLs. As best I can tell from the "chinglish" on the site, they concurrently encourage others to buy up high-traffic URLs with a ".cn" added at the end; --the appeal being to thus deceptively steal traffic intended for the high-traffic URL.At best, I believe the phrase that best describes this practice is "rent seeking".  I did not look into what they charge for registrations, or whether they honestly even do that, but since they are, at face value, playing an unethical game, I would never do business with them. One can presumably register a "cn" extension, if one really has a legitimate need to do so, through an honest, credible registrar company right here in the good ol` USA.The thing is, to really play this game, one would have to buy tens of
    thousands of URLs to cover every possible permutation, every country
    extension, "org", "tv", "mobi", "net", "org" and on and on and on. Maybe
    Google can afford that, but I`m sure no one here can, so I guess we`ll just have to
    keep our powder dry and buy and keep those URLs which, as best as we
    can figure, make direct and tangible sense for our business.
    MCShults2007-10-11 9:22:25
  • donleydonley subscriber Posts: 0
    I had .cn and .com.cn domains but let them expire. I am guessing perhaps you also let your .cn domain expire?
    Then I recieved a similar warning email as yours from a group (see below). MCShults mentioned above, and I would agree that it appears they poach on dropped domains, but it appears perhaps the Chinese government may require notice before poaching, or they may be of a registrar that might be attempting to get you to re-register the domain with their group. I didn`t waste too much time, but I did re-registered my domains with the registrar that I originally used.
    What led me to this forum is the mention in the email of what is called a "internet brand keyword", which I had not heard of and am researching. The first google page seems to return all about asia scams, where this forum was found. Anyone heard of this?
    The group i mention below also had a little 2 pager to explain what this, as well as "value-added service" and "registration principle". They also informed me that the other party had plans to block out several other domains using the same; .net.cn, .org.cn, .hk, .tw, .asia.
    Suspicious message from:
    Andy Wong
    Marketing Manager
    Tel +86 571 28926277 ext 808
    [email protected]
    europa technology corporation
    www.europetech.cndonley5/5/2008 7:31 AM
  • JYYCJYYC subscriber Posts: 0
    I too just received the similar dubious email requesting my domain name.
    Should I ignore or reply?My company name is trademarked and the manner they wrote is confused why Saibo wants to have a domain name exactly the same as mine, and if I do not reply they will proceed to purchase my domain name with different extensions.I understand that this is an illegal act but I can`t remember which body handles such matters.Any advice?
  • ifadlifadl subscriber Posts: 0
    I received this email this morning (June 09, 2008):


    My company name is Tekilart.
    I sent the email to trash with no answer... Is correct?
  • SilanovSilanov subscriber Posts: 0
    I received that one:


    Do they just want to create a panic, to be able to sell other domain endings?
    What to do now?
    Kind regards, Peter
  • llmmllmm subscriber Posts: 0
    I see that these guys have been up to this for awhile. I just recieved my e-mail warning. I contacted my usual registrar and registered all the names they recommended. If what this "warning" company is doing isn`t illegal, it should be.
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