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Need Business Insurance referal in Colorado

WeltonWelton subscriber Posts: 10
edited September 2007 in Business Planning


I am looking for a business
insurance for my business.  I need both
general liability and product liability insurance.  Do you have any good referrals for agents
that I can talk to?  Our company is based in Colorado. 




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    WeltonWelton subscriber Posts: 10
    Hello Steve,Our huggable lighting product has electrical components inside.   Even
    though the product has been CE certified and tested by an independent
    testing lab, we have been told numerous times by people that we need
    to get product liability insurnace.  It will be great if you can please find insurance info from your friends. 
    I graduated from CU-Boulder and my business partner (Diana) is still in Boulder:)  I live out here in silicon valley now.  Thanks in advance!Welton
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    LauraArnold01LauraArnold01 subscriber Posts: 0
    I actually have heard of another person going out of the Kaiser group for treatment. It was not TC related, but they had doctors write letters and proved that the current doc is incompetant to help. It may be difficult, but possibly doable. I would ask Dr. E if he could write letters or call Kaiser.
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