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Seeking a technology business partner

WeltonWelton subscriber Posts: 10

Dear fellow entrepreneur minded friends,

An opportunity to join an exciting startup company is right in the horizon.  We are looking for top talented technologists to join us as co-founders/business partners to shape a new paradigm in the advertising industry (as known as Advertising 3.0).   We already have famous people in the advertising/publishing industry sitting on our board.  We started engaging with advertising agencies who see great value in our business and are anxiously waiting for us to deploy our technology.

We have a patented business process that bridges the information gap between print advertisement and the Internet with an advertisement ID.  This advertisement ID enables users to acquire direct online access to the information they want bypassing the entire internet search.   This saves valuable time in searching for information online.  This is a new paradigm shift where print advertisement becomes more interactive and alive. 


We are looking for one or two technologist to lead the Technology Development front.  One main immediate deliverable for you is to participate in creating the demo version of the technology to pitch to customers, investors, and venture capitalist.  We need your aid immediately in:


Website Development


Work with 3rd party vendor to deploy the website




Put together simple enterprise database management system (MySQL or other database system)


SMS text message integration with the database


Software Integration and testing




Ideally, we prefer people with extensive background in IT, software programming, web development, database management, hardware environment.   


Knowledge in SMS messaging integration is a plus


However, if you have experiences in any of these areas and are a fast learner, we will love for you to join us. 




Part time: commit at least 10 hours per week


Compensation will be in the form of equity in the business  (stock compensation)

We look forward to seeing you join our team and participate in shaping the future of Advertising 3.0. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at
<a rel="nofollow" href="mailto:joseph168@sbcglobal.net">

.  We will setup an appointment with you and fill you in more details about our company.


Warm Regards,

Ad and Beyond


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