Great short readings about what Web2.0 is

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Hello!  I`m taking an evening class at Stanford about Marketing with Web2.0 tools.  Here`s some of the readings from the class that give great overview about what Web2.0 is.  Enjoy the readings:)Social Bookmarking Services And Tools: The Wisdom Of Crowds That Organizes The Web ... al_bookmar king_services_and_tools.htm

What is

What are tags

Social Media goes Mainstream  Social Computing Magazine ... ia_goes_ma instream.htm

Folksonomy New York Times ... s1-21.html? ex=1291957200&en=50937f27a0973e6e&ei=5090&partne r=rssuserland&emc=rss

Teaching an  Anthill to Play Web 2.0  BusinessWeek
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